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Where every bottle tells a story.

Red Lotus Wines seeks to not only craft beautiful wines representing Oregon’s terroir but to provide an experience that puts on display the variety of aspects that go into the finished product: the science required for the foundation of any wine of quality, the artistry, creativity and intuition necessary to create something unique and unexpected, the hard work put in by people from all walks of life and finally, the passion of everyone involved from harvest to bottle.


This experience culminates in something that is artistic and romantic, and beautifully
represented by the paintings and poems on display on each bottle.

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Mark, founder of Red Lotus Wines

Mark got his first taste of the wine industry nearly fifteen years ago when he worked harvest at Rockwall Wine Company with the Rosenblum family in Alameda California. He moved to Oregon five years later to begin his career in earnest spending six years at Dobbes Family Estate where he learned the intricacies of his craft working for Winemaker Joe Dobbes and later Andy McVay.


Following his time at Dobbes, Mark went to work at one of Oregon’s largest custom crush facilities in 12th and Maple where he augmented his knowledge of boutique winemaking with a more production focused approach.


Now, it is time to begin his own label in Red Lotus wines and put to use all the knowledge he has gained working in the Oregon wine industry.



Kraemer Vineyards is located in the Eola Amity Hills AVA within the Willamette Valley. The Kraemer family has been farming in Oregon for multiple generations and over 100 years. This experience has served them well as they have invested into the grape growing business having premium Pinot Noir vineyards as well as Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc plantings. 

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Red Lotus Wines believes in a proactive winemaking style that limits potential problems rather then fixing them after they occur. We cold soak the grapes for three days prior to starting fermentation for extra color and tannin extraction.

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During fermentation we are meticulous in maintaining a temperature around 75-80 degrees to provide an optimal environment for the yeast to thrive. Once fermentation is complete we age our wine in a mixture of neutral and new French oak (roughly 20%).

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During and after the ageing process we try to limit our impact on the wine in any other way to ensure the grapes are on full display in the final product, representing the unique terroir of where it is grown.

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